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3000 Village Run Road
Building 103, Suite 101
Wexford, PA 15090
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oyal Craft Custom Homes was founded by the roots created by its sister companies. Its founder, Nathan A. Roesing has extensive hospitality experience starting in the 90's were he made his mark in the hospitality industry as one of the most influential figures. His out-of-the-box approach in leadership and marketing, in the fast changing hotel industry, lead him to be named and receive the "Hotelier Of The Year" award honors. To date he was one of fastest to be named to such an honor in the hotel and resort industry. He engulfed himself into the industry by getting to know why the customer experience was so important and why the industry was not satisfying each guest from the time they checked in to the time they checked out. He also realized that you must be personally invested in the people you surround yourself with and he knew that in return the quality of his customer service and overall amenities provided to his guests would ultimately separate his product from the competition.

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His attention to detail and want for each guest's experience to be memorable was designed to leave a long lasting impression on his guests. This included making sure his staff had the resources they needed and an eye opening vision of treating them the way he wanted his guests to be treated. This was an approach that not only lead his company to record profits but lowered his employee turnover rate by 86% compared to the industry standard that year. He created an experience, atmosphere and luxury for his guests that clearly separated his product from the industry. This quickly lead to the growth of his company to begin hotel development and commercial hotel construction. His vision was to create the very best product while understanding that every part of the development and construction process had to have his guest's best interest at all times. 

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"To this day the foundation of his hospitality and commercial construction companies gives his custom homes division a unique upside that no other builder can offer."

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Picking the best location for construction of a hotel was not only crucial but important for the convenience of his guests to make sure all the hotel features and amenities were able to be constructed for his guests and staff to operate his vision. After the construction began, quality control and consistency was his key to not only the completion of the finished product but to make sure the luxury atmosphere, design, finish details and overall space was usable and practical for his guests. The guest experience was the number one priority. This ongoing approach and clear separation from other developers/contractors lead to not only hotels and resorts but also to construction and construction management, development of commercial builds, offices, and churches throughout the US which ultimately lead to the demand for the custom homes division.

To this day the foundation of his hospitality and commercial construction companies gives his custom homes division a unique upside that no other builder can offer. He strongly believes you need to think out-of-the-box when wanting a custom home to separate your home from the others and that you need someone with the experience, vision and background to deliver the most important purchase and investment of your life, a family home. His approach is to build it stronger to last and to treat you and your construction process with the same approach he has taken for over 20 years as a leader in the hospitality and commercial construction industry. He will surround your home building process with the staff that he treats as if they were his own customer and guest.

"At Royal Craft Custom Homes your complete satisfaction is not only our goal, but our promise!" - Nathan A. Roesing, CEO

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