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Price Match Guarantee

Building On Experience

Another builder who I would prefer not to use said they would build my home at a lower price, can you match that price?

Royal Craft Custom Homes understands that in today’s world, many people are looking for the best price when looking at building a new home or home remodeling project. That’s why we would like to take this opportunity to announce our “Price Match Guarantee”.

It can be tough to compare price quotes from different builders and contractors. It’s hard to know about the hundreds of details that determine the quality of the home or remodeling project. That’s why you’ll love Royal Craft Custom Homes “Apples to Apples” comparison.  Show us a pricing package from any other builder or contractor that gives the details, specifications and features of the custom home or remodeling project, and we’ll show you, line-by-line, that we will match – or beat – their price if we build the same home or complete your home remodeling project. You may find that the materials, specifications and other features you thought were included in your custom home or remodeling project is not of the same quality, using the same material or finishes and/or is not even included in the price. This could lead to unforeseen future expenses you will need to come up with during the building or remodeling process that you didn't budget for or expect. At Royal Craft Custom Homes we take the time to show you and discuss important details, options and aspects in the building or remodeling process.  Other builders may under bid, over promise and under deliver. Don't rush into a contract with a builder or contractor that comes in with the cheapest pricing until you compare it with our pricing first.

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At Royal Craft Custom Homes we will secure the absolute best price on all the materials and labor cost because we are a preferred builder and general contractor by suppliers. We will charge fairly for our expertise and fiercely protect your budget. Our clients find that when compared to other builders and contractors Royal Craft Custom Homes delivers far greater value for their investment and they truly appreciate the 100% cost transparency comparison that only Royal Craft Custom Homes guarantees on every custom build and remodeling project. We encourage you to investigate every detail of your builder’s contract and learn what others have experienced before choosing any contractor. Royal Craft Custom Homes welcomes cost due diligence comparisons because we know how important of a decision this is for you, your family and your future.

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